Michigan Holder Garrett Moores Gets His Own Two-Minutes Highlight Reel, and It Is Glorious


Garrett Moores is listed as a quarterback on the official Michigan Wolverines roster. But lets not kid ourselves here. The guy ain’t no quarterback. He is the team’s holder.

How lowly is the holder? So lowly that, if you take a casual poll of football fans, asking them what the least important position is, most wouldn’t say holder because they don’t even think of it as a position.

Of course, the reality is that the holder plays a very important role. And while it may not be as physically demanding as other roles, it can still make or break games. He’s got to catch all the snaps, good or bad, dry or wet, and get the ball down, laces out, ready to be kicked through the uprights. If his finger slips just half a centemeter, that can be the difference between a win and a loss. However, the holder gets absolutely no credit when things go right. Or at least, not usually. It seems Michigan Wolverines equipment manager Sonny Anderson is trying to change that.

Last week, Anderson tweeted out a two-minute highlight video of holder Garrett Moores’s greatest plays, proclaiming him the “Holder of the Year,” which obviously is not a thing.

And did I mention that the video was set to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips? Because it is. Take a look:

When Moores signed with Michigan, he probably knew he’d never be the first choice for quarterback. However, he probably did dream about coming in off the bench in an emergency and leading the Wolverines to victory.

As a senior, that probably won’t happen at this point. But hey, he did score a touchdown. And now he’s got his own football mixtape, which is more than most of us can say.

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