Two Guys Snuck into UFC 205 with Fake Press Badges, then Snapchatted Their Crime (Video)


The police and any sort of legal body have to be just loving the rise of social media. Not only can you share info on crimes, but it also gives dumb criminals the opportunity to grab about their crimes and get caught.

Like these guys. These two fellas created fake press passes for the UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, and apparently they had a blast not paying the $500 fee for the cheapest seats at the event. Here’s a video that explains how they did it.

Like many other offenders, they used a photo of a real pass as a template for recreating their own.

Here’s his goofy admission on camera:

Nice, guys! That should be all of the evidence that the police need to charge you for trespassing.

Hat Tip – [Awful Announcing]

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