Despite Brutal Hit, Rob Gronkowski and Earl Thomas Are BFFs on Twitter (Video + Tweets)

Rob Gronkowski and Earl Thomas

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski absorbed quite the blow from Seahawks safety Earl Thomas on Sunday night. During the second quarter of what would turn out to be a thrilling 31-24 victory for Seattle, Tom Brady tried to thread the needle to Gronk in double coverage, and Gronk paid a very heavy price.

Take a look:

Gronk missed the next four plays after that hit. Though there are conflicting reports as to just what kind of injury he suffered on the play, at the very least his status for next week’s game against the 49ers is questionable.

The good news, however, is that there is no bad blood between Gronk and Thomas. In fact, Thomas’ devastating hit has only enhanced the mutual respect these players have for each other.

Just take a look at what the two had to say to each other (via Twitter) on Tuesday:

Awwwwwwe, isn’t that the sweetest? Rob Gronkowski and Earl Thomas are BFFs!

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