55-Year-Old Man Has Been Cleared to Play College Football


Joe Thomas is a 55-year-old student at South Carolina State, and if he has his way, he’ll be the oldest player ever for a college football team. He’s hoping to take the field in the school’s final game. His son, Joe Jr., played football for the Packers, and when his dad tried to play football on his college team a few years back, yeah, he thought it was pretty weird:

“At first, I thought it would be really weird. When my teammates found out, they’d say things like, ‘Your dad is coming for your spot.’ But he’s a grown man, and I wasn’t going to get in the way of his dreams. I’m happy for him now.”

As a senior, Joe’s got only two games left this season and is hoping to take the field as a running back in one of them.

He’s been cleared by the NCAA to play, so now, I suppose, it’s just up to the coach’s discretion as to whether a) he’s good enough to take a spot and b) he won’t get absolutely murdered out there.

We’ll see. If he does get to play, he’ll make more headlines either way.

Hat Tip – [Campus Rush]

Image via David Gardner


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