Terrelle Pryor Calls Out O-Line & Front Office For QB's Constantly Getting Hurt (Video) | Total Pro Sports
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Terrelle Pryor Calls Out O-Line & Front Office For QB’s Constantly Getting Hurt (Video)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Monday, November 21, 2016


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor has basically been the only bright spot for the team during this 0-11 start to the season.

Despite playing QB for most of his college career, Pryor has emerged as one of the go-to WR’s on his team and in the league this year.  He has also been quite optimistic about his team making the playoffs this year, despite their record.

Being officially eliminated from the playoffs after Sunday’s loss, Pryor let loose on his offensive line and the front office.  Apparently, he’s sick and tired of seeing his quarterbacks get injured behind a poor offensive line.

“It’s bullcrap. We can’t keep doing this and we can’t keep letting our guys get hit.” 


Despite how he feels right now, he has not ruled out coming back to Cleveland next year.