Steve Sarkisian Finalizes Divorce; Wife Gets No Spousal or Child Support & None of USC Lawsuit Money

Idaho v USC

Former USC Trojans head coach and current offensive analyst at the University of Alabama, Steve Sarkisian, just got a major win after getting his divorce finalized from his wife of 19 years. Sarkisian is also suing USC for $30 million for firing him because of his drinking problem, and if he wins, his wife won’t get a dime.

Sounds like his lawyer got him an early Christmas present with his divorce settlement:

“Sark’s divorce from his longtime wife, Stephanie, has been finalized — ending their 19 year marriage.

There was a ton of money at stake (he reportedly made more than $10 million coaching at Washington and millions more at USC).

Sources connected to the ex-couple tell us there was a private settlement in regards to the bulk of the family fortune.

When it comes to cars … he gets the Mercedes, she gets the Land Rover. He also has to cut a 1 time check for $293k as an “equalization payment.”

They also agreed on no spousal support, no child support and joint custody of their 3 minor kids.

But get this … when it comes to Steve’s $30 mil wrongful termination suit against USC, the two worked out a deal in which he gets 100% of any judgment if he wins.”

This is easily the biggest victory involving a man and a divorce, with money on the line.

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