Dwight Howard Was Ready to Beat Up Lakers Fan Who Called Him a B*tch (Video)


It’s been a few years now since Dwight Howard spent one season with the Los Angeles Lakers, only to leave to sign for the Houston Rockets in free agency after just one year.

Howard is now a member of the Atlanta Hawks, but Los Angeles Lakers fans can’t seem to let it go, despite most of them saying they didn’t want him on the team to begin with.

According to TMZ, Howard almost put his hands on a Lakers fan recently after the fan called him a bitch from the stands.

“TMZ Sports has footage in which you can hear a man shouting obscenities at Howard after the Lakers beat the Hawks 109-94 at Staples Center.

At one point the man — who we’re told appeared to be in his 20s — says, “You’re a bitch!”

Dwight — who was on the way to the locker room — stopped in his tracks and jawed back at the heckler, “Come back here and say it.”

A team official grabs Howard and starts physically pushing the 6’11” superstar back toward the tunnel … as he continues to challenge the fan.”

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