Josh Norman Admits Dez Bryant Never Threatened to Shoot Him


After the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins played in a grueling matchup at AT&T Stadium, WR Dez Bryant and CB Josh Norman continued their battle with some post-game trash-talking.

Josh Norman told reporters multiple times that Dez Bryant told him that ‘Where I’m from, we unload the clip,’ and social media ran with it.

On Monday, Norman admitted he lied about Dez telling him that.

“The pushing and shoving gave way to sniping from both locker rooms with Bryant saying that Washington should get its money back from Norman and Norman alleging that Bryant said “Where I come from we unload the clip” when the two came together after the final whistle. Monday found both players in a less contentious mood.

Norman confirmed Bryant’s quote twice last Thursday but said on Monday, via Master Tesfatsion of the Washington Post, that Bryant didn’t actually say that. Per Tesfatsion, Norman intended the phrase as a metaphor for leaving everything out on the field. If true, there’s a lot of less loaded ways to make that point given the obvious allusion to a threat of violence via the use of a gun.”

Dez also regretted his actions and the stuff that he said to reporters as well:

“I wish I never did what I did, but that’s OK because it’s over with now,” Bryant said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I’m not even focused on that. I’m not even fitting to open up another can. It’s all said and done. I wish I never done it. It happened. It’s over with. … I have nothing against that guy, I’m pretty sure he’s got nothing against me. This thing is much more bigger than me. I’m here to do my job. That’s what I’m going to continue to keep doing. I addressed that and that’s so far behind me right now.”

Hopefully, both squads meet up in the playoffs for round 3.

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