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Los Angeles Rams Ban Eric Dickerson From Sideline Cause He Said The Team Sucks (Audio)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Monday, November 28, 2016


Last week, Former Los Angeles Rams running back and hall of famer Eric Dickerson had a bunch of things to say about the team and their return to the Los Angeles area.

“Here is L.A., we have a defensive-minded coach, and we have an offense that is boring as hell,” said Dickerson. “They throw outs, they throw checkdowns, they spread the field every once in a while.”

“Then we have a quarterbacks coach – no offense – a quarterbacks coach, Chris Weinke, that’s coaching our No. 1 pick, that we traded all these draft picks for,” Dickerson said. “Show me the proof, show me what you’ve done, show me your history. What history do you have working with quarterbacks (and) developing quarterbacks?

“Then I could believe, and I just believe that they don’t have the right coaches and that’s what it comes down to: the coaching of a quarterback. You can’t just throw a quarterback out there and expect him to play well.”

According to TMZ, comments like that are the reason he has now been banned from the Rams’ sideline during games.

“The Hall of Famer went on his radio show early Monday and said, “Someone with the Rams told me I’m not wanted on sidelines at games, that what I’ve said makes the players uncomfortable.”

Dickerson did not reveal who made the call — but sources connected to the situation say it was someone powerful.

Dickerson said the Rams official told him his honesty was making players uncomfortable.

We’re told Dickerson is unhappy with the situation — especially because he’s not only been a supporter, but hosted the rookies at his home during training camp in his own “rookie symposium.”