After Sleeping With 14 Women in 21 Days, Usain Bolt Says He Feels Pressured to Marry GF


Jamaican runner and 9-time Gold medalist Usain Bolt retired after the Rio Olympics and proceeded to have the best retirement party of all-time.

Over the next 3 weeks, Bolt, who was (and still is) in a relationship with one woman, proceeded to sleep with 14 other women.

After he was finished, his girlfriend Kasi Bennett forgave him and they’ve been traveling the globe ever since. Even though people assume they are engaged to be married, Bolt has stated they are not and is feeling the pressure from his family to settle down and have kids.

 “In September, it seemed that the decorated Olympic champ has decided to mark his retirement from sprinting by proposing to his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett.

Indeed, Usain took to the social media app to share images of his and Kasi’s luxurious break – only for snapshots to be later edited to suggest he’d proposed.

While Usain has yet to pop the big question, his family is impatiently waiting for him to settle down and have children, with the statuesque star revealing: ‘My mum’s pressuring me.’

The star sprinter has found himself at the centre of a series of scandals since his stunning ‘triple triple’ at the Olympics in Rio in the summer.

He racked up a £6,000 bar tab and was spotted grinding with British model Erica Carvalho, 20, who was invited back to his hotel with seven other women.

The photos, which were shared on WhatsApp, appear to show a shirtless Usain in bed with his Brazilian ‘lover’, who was wearing a white vest top.

The woman, who it has been claimed is a mother-of-two and the widow of a notorious drug lord known as Diná Terror, has since said she is ‘dying of shame’.

Brazilian student Jady Duarte, 20, shared pictures which appear to show her kissing and cuddling the sprinting sensation after his 30th birthday bash in Rio.

And further photos of Usain kissing and dancing with a third girl also came to light yesterday morning.”


Here’s a summary of Usain Bolt’s hit-list:


Bolt’s GF Kasi Bennett:

Kasi-Bennett-1 Kasi-Bennett-Bolt

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