Former NFL Safety & Serial Rapist Darren Sharper Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Darren Sharper

Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper can officially start to rot in prison after the final stop of his multi-rape case that involved 16 different women.

His newest prison term will run concurrent to the previous sentence of 18 years he received  from the state of Louisiana for the sexual assaults that he committed in that state earlier this year.

The ex-NFL star was sentenced to 20 years in prison per the terms of a global plea deal — but has had to appear in each jurisdiction where the crimes occurred to be formally sentenced. 

L.A. was the final stop on his sentencing tour. 

L.A. also happens to be the city where things unraveled for Sharper — he was first arrested here in 2014 on suspicion of drugging and raping 2 women he met at a West Hollywood nightclub. 

After that … more women came forward from other states, exposing a disgusting pattern of sexual assault that reached Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana. 

After sentencing, Sharper is expected to serve out his term in federal prison in Oklahoma City.”

Before he was sentenced in a Los Angeles courtroom, one of the women he raped spoke out against him:

“I can only imagine myself lying there like a vegetable while he took advantage of my body without my permission,” one of the victims said in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday. “I have lost every bit of self confidence I’ve ever had and am always in fear while alone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, I can see a guy and automatically in my head think, ‘What if this guy tries to rape me?’”


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