Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Has Meltdown Over Technical Foul, Gets Ejected, Provides Some Quality Entertainment (Video)

Doc Rivers meltdown ejection

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Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers suffered an epic meltdown during his team’s 127-122 double-overtime loss in Brooklyn on Tuesday. It probably wasn’t fun for him, but it was pretty great entertainment for everybody else.

It all started with 20 seconds left to play in the first overtime. The Nets inbounded the ball in the corner to Sean Kilpatrick, who was quickly swarmed by Brandon Bass and Chris Paul. Referee Lauren Holtkamp was quick to whistle them for a foul, but Rivers didn’t like the call, so he walked over to talk to her about it. Unfortunately, in doing so Rivers crossed half court, which is against the rules. So lead official Ken Mauer whistled him for a technical.

That’s when the merde hit the ventilateur. Rivers was livid at Mauer for calling the technical and had to be physically restrained by DeAndre Jordon and assistant coach Sam Cassell before getting ejected from the game altogether.

Take a look:

The Clippers have a history with Lauren Holktkamp. Chris Paul was fined $25,000 for criticizing her after a loss in 2015. Then, last season, she slapped him with a pretty questionable technical during a game against the Timberwolves.

After Tuesday’s game, Rivers insisted the first technical had nothing to do with him straying too far from his bench and everything to do with Mauer being overprotective of Holtkamp:

“I thought it was an awful tech. Honestly, I think you guys know why the tech was called. The official who had nothing to do with the play thought I was yelling at Lauren and I wasn’t. Actually, she said, ‘Doc, you’re right,’ or whatever, ‘Let’s walk back.’ We were walking. We weren’t even arguing. It was the damnedest tech to give at that time.

“What the league is going to do is fall back on is, I crossed half court. You’ll see tomorrow that’s what they’re going to say and we’re all going to know that’s not the reason.”

Mauer insisted that was not the case:

If I had to guess I’d say the NBA is probably going to take a bite out of Doc Rivers’s next paycheck.

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