Texans DE JJ Watt Donates $10K to Help High School Football Player in Coma


Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt had his season ended weeks ago with back surgery, but that hasn’t stopped him from being the JJ Watt the Houston area has come to know and love.

Senior linebacker Grant Milton of Woodlands High School collapsed on the field during a playoff game and was rushed away from McLane Stadium in Waco on Saturday for emergency surgery with a possible brain injury.

“He was sitting on the bench and suddenly started throwing up. It just happened all of a sudden, and nobody saw anything because he wasn’t on the field, and the game just kept going on,” said classmate Bryn Stephens.

Milton’s family gave an update on his health:

“Everyone has been so supportive and we can’t thank you enough for your prayers,” the statement read.

“Grant is still in critical condition and in a coma. His recent CT scan continues to improve. His medications have been reduced today and he showed positive signs of movement and strength in his upper body.His vital signs are strong and anyone who knows Grant would say he is STRONG and SPIRITED. The doctors indicate he is trending in the right direction and that his youthfulness and strength are on his side.”

A GoFundMe account was set up to help with the expenses, and a huge amount next to a popular name popped up Wednesday morning: Houston Texans star JJ Watt donated $10,000 and left a message for the family.


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