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Isaiah Thomas Hits Amazing Over-The-Backboard Circus Shot…That Didn’t Count (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, December 1, 2016
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As kids, we used to play basketball and after a foul, we’d yell “Continuation,” take a few more dribbles, then put up some Hail Mary shot in the hopes of scoring some fantasy “and-one” scenario. It didn’t make any sense, but we always wanted to tie in a free shot to a foul.

It seems like that’s a habit you don’t grow out of.

Here, Isaiah Thomas did the exact same thing on the floor, tossing up a killer shot after the whistle blew on the floor. Of course, it didn’t count, but man was it cool. Take a look: 

The announcers wanted it, he clearly wanted it, and the fans wanted it, but I suppose in a ten-point game, you can’t satisfy everyone, so they nullified the circus shot and the Celtics got the ball.