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Jose Aldo Trainer Emerson Falcao Delivers K.O. of the Year with Flying Knee to Opponent’s Face (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, December 7, 2016


They say those who can, do; while those who can’t, teach. But don’t tell that to Emerson Falcao.

Falcao, a kickboxer, has spent the past two years recovering from a broken leg and three surgeries. In the meantime he’s achieved success as a trainer for UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, ostensibly teaching him how to do. However, Falcao is not ready to focus exclusively on training, and he showed why in Fortaleza, Brazil, on Friday.

Making his first appearance in the kickboxing ring since 2013, Falcao headlined Brazilian kickboxing event WGP 35. And it took him just 98 seconds to annihilate his opponent, Oscar Vera, with a vicious flying knee to the head.

Vera tried to get up, but he stumbled against the ropes and fell down again. Meanwhile, Falcao strutted around the ring like a peacock.

Take a look:

That is one of the nastiest knockouts we’ve seen in combat sports this year. Oscar Vera is lucky he isn’t dead. And Jose Aldo is lucky he’s got Emerson Falcao in his corner.

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