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Ezekiel Elliott Salvation Army Kettle Stunt Causes 61% Spike in Donations

by: Esteban On  Monday, December 19, 2016
Ezekiel Elliott Salvation Army Stunt Causes Spike in Donations

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Earlier today we learned that NFL Grinch Roger Goodell decided not to fine Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for Sunday’s Salvation Army kettle stunt. Now we have more good news.

According to Salvation Army spokesperson Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe, the entire organization was pleasantly surprised when Elliott jumped into a giant Salvation Army kettle after scoring a touchdown against the Bucs on Sunday. They were even more pleasantly surprised later when the donations started flowing in.

“From 8:10pm to 10:30am this morning there was a 61% increase in online giving from the same time frame last Sunday night,” Busroe told TMZ.

Apparently a lot of the extra donations have been for $21, an obvious nod to Elliott, who wears no. 21.

If you haven’t seen the kettle jump yet, take a look:

After the game Zeke also promised he’d be making a big donation to the Salvation Army himself.

The world could certainly use more touchdown celebrations like this.