Joel Embiid Would Like to Remind You the 76ers Are Undefeated…in 2017 (Tweet)


Since he’s been a 76er, which, admittedly, hasn’t been that long, Joel Embiid has been spitting out the refrain “Trust the process.

The 76ers still stink, and now they’ve got a backlog of big men indicating they don’t know what to do with their picks. But, hey, they haven’t lost a game in 2017, so that’s something, right?


Joel sure thinks so. He posted this on Twitter after knocking off the Timberwolves, which is about as good as things get for the Sixers:

Can they keep up this winning streak? Of course not. But they’re off to a not so bad start in the new year, so maybe this team deserves a fresh look before we all decide, yet again, that the process is garbage.

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