Tom Brady Drinks a Special Drink on the Sidelines and It Might Be His Secret Weapon


It’s debatable that Tom Brady is the best QB in the league. But at the ripe old age of 39, what’s not debatable is his ability to perform among the best QBs. I have no doubt that a LOT of effort goes into ensuring his durability both during the season and offseason, but there might be one thing we haven’t accounted for…

A secret drink.

Brady says he doesn’t partake in standard issue Gatorade on the sideline, instead opting for some other elixir.

He said on WEEI, ““I have this lemon drink with a ton of electrolytes in it. It doesn’t have any sugar. I just load it up on electrolytes and … it just keeps me right where I need to be.”

Beyond that, Brady doesn’t know what’s in the drink. PEDs? Stems cells?

Probably. In the meantime, you can get maybe, sorta, kinda close to his recipe by buying his own electrolyte supplement—at least until he retires and the real thing comes out.

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