Tony Romo’s Cousin Leverages a LOT of Star Power to Wish His GF a Happy Birthday (Video)


I guess Tony Romo is so famous that even his cousin, Andy Alberth, can put together some of the biggest names in Dallas sports (and a few national celebs) for this epic video wishing Alberth’s GF, Sylvia, a happy birthday.

I suppose before we go any further, you should just watch the video:

It comes in at a staggering 11 minutes, but feel free to jump around. It’s roughly 15-20 of the same characters spliced throughout. We get to see pretty much every Cowboy from the past 20 years, plus Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, and lots more.

I’m not sure if this was an easy thing to do given Romo’s celebrity, or if Andy had to really hustle to get these names on board. Either way, it’s plenty impressive, and, more importantly, it probably made for a very happy birthday for his girlfriend.

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