Insane Video: Australian Spearfisher Fends Off Bull Shark Attack (Video)


An Australian spearfisher recently fended off an attack by a vicious Bull Shark, and he caught the whole thing on video.

Kerry Daniel, 35, is an avid spearfisher who runs a YouTube channel called Liquid Vision. On a recent outing on the Great Barrier Reef, just off the cost of north Queensland, he came face-to-face with a charging Bull Shark.

Daniel says he was out with a group of other spearfishers. However, he had broken off from the main group when he spotted the Bull Shark swimming about 50 meters below him. He tried to swim away from the shark, but it started coming toward him. Then is went into a full-on charge for the final six meters.

There was no time to think. Luckily, when the shark opened its powerful jaws, Daniel instinctively jabbed it with his spear, drawing blood and disabling the shark long enough to swim away.

Take a look at the insane video:

Though Great White Sharks get most of the gory glory, some scientists say Bull Sharks are just as dangerous to humans if not more so. There are at least 69 recorded instances of unprovoked Bull Shark attacks on humans, but that number might be higher due to the species’ lack of easily identifiable markings.

Kerry Daniel told the Daily Mail that he’s never heard of sharks being aggressive to spearfishers. And that’s unfortunate, because I’ve definitely heard of that happening.

Luckily he survived to spearfish another day. Or not.

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