L.A. Kings Troll St. Louis with Tweet About NFL Teams (Tweets)

LA Rams Billboard

The Los Angeles Kings Twitter feed was feeling sassy on Thursday night with the St. Louis Blues in town. However, instead of insulting the Blues’ effort on the ice, which was pretty sad, they went after the entire city of St. Louis.

On the same day that the Chargers announced they were packing up and moving to L.A., and one year to the day that the Rams announced that they were moving to L.A., the Kings pried open St. Louis’ NFL-shaped wounds and rubbed some gluten-free artisanal sea-salt in it.

Take a look:

The Kings Twitter feed did not back down, either.

To be perfectly honest, at first I thought it was kind of silly to bring up a couple of shitty NFL teams, especially given how social media reacted to news of the Chargers’ move. If the Kings want to trash talk St. Louis they really just needed to stick to hockey, seeing how the Kings have owned the Blues in recent years, and how they were owning the Blues on Thursday night. (The Kings won 5-1.)

However, it turns out the first dig was just a setup. When Blues fans responded, that’s when the Kings really went for the jugular:

Well played, Kings. Well played.

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