Gymnasium Roof Collapses During Youth Sporting Event in Czech Republic (Video)

czech gym roof collapse video

The roof of a newly-built gymnasium collapsed in the middle of a youth floorball game in the Czech Republic over the weekend, and the whole thing was caught on video.

According to Czech news website, about 80 players, officials, and spectators were in the gym at the time. Thankfully everybody was able to make it out in time, and nobody was injured.

The gym, in the city of Česká Třebová, had opened just this month. The region had recently received 16 inches of snow. However, the primary cause of the collapse is obviously faulty construction.

Take a look at the harrowing video. For 15 seconds you see kids just playing their game. Then, all of a sudden, everyone bolts for the exits and the roof starts to cave in. And at the 44-second mark, everything goes black:

Pardubice Region governor Martin Netolicky issued a statement via Facebook, blaming the near disaster on “incompetence, irresponsibility, and recklessness” and promising a full investigation. He also praised referee Jiří Němec, “who reacted swiftly and ordered an immediate clearing the gym,” and posted a few photos of the aftermath.

Take a look:

czech gym collapse 1

czech gym collapse 2

czech gym collapse 3

Terrifying stuff. Everybody in that gym is very lucky to be alive.

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