Siena Basketball Coach Gives Invisible Handshakes When Opponents Bail Following Brawl (Video)

siena coach invisible handshakes following siena-rider brawl

We’ve got some hot Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference action to show you today, which is not something we get to say very often. Tuesday night’s game between the Siena Saints and Rider Broncs took a nasty turn when Siena’s Javion Ogunyemi was fouled going for an alley-oop.

While Ogunyemi picked himself up off the floor, players on both teams started staring each other down. That led to pushing and shoving, and eventually punches and a very heated exchange between Siena coach Jimmy Patsos and Rider coach Kevin Baggett.

When the final buzzer sounded, Kevin Baggett and the Broncs bolted for the locker room rather than stick around for the traditional postgame handshake. However, Siena’s Jimmy Patsos was in a handshakin’ mood. So he just went through the motions and gave a bunch of invisible handshakes.

Take a look:

After the game, which Siena held on to win 78-68, Baggett spoke to ESPN about why the Broncs didn’t stick around for the handshake.

“I decided to not shake hands because I didn’t want anything to escalate again between the teams,” he said. “That’s my prerogative—to protect my team whether anyone else thinks it’s good sportsmanship or not. I knew what I was going to do at the end of the game. I didn’t want another altercation.”

Despite his own postgame antics, Patsos said Baggett had a “pretty good reason” for skipping the handshake line.

“I like Kevin a lot and respect his decision,” Patsos added.

All in all it was a pretty eventful game. These two teams are done playing each other in the regular season, but if we’re lucky they’ll meet again in the MAAC Tournament.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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