Falcons OL’s Wife Goes Into Labor During Seahawks Game But Refused to Leave Until it Was Over (Video)

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While Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Andy Levitre was in the middle of a divisional round game against the Seattle Seahawks, his wife, Katie, was going into labor in the stands, but she wasn’t budging. 

Katie refused to leave to give birth until the game was over and Levitre had no clue about any of this until after the game.

“My wife went into labor right before the game started. She came to the game and sat through the game while she was in labor” says Levitre.

“I went and showered up, came outside we went home for like an hour, went to the hospital and then she gave birth,” says Levitre.

Their new bundle of joy was the couple’s first girl as they have 5 boys already!

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