Watch These Dudes Go Crazy Trying to Reel in a Mako Shark (Video)


Though it gets overlooked in the world of “sports,” I think reeling in a big fish would probably be up there in the category of most exciting sports moments a person could have.

You’re in the home stretch, trying to take down an animal, and when that animal is as big as this giant mako shark, you’re almost certainly going to have to fight to keep it.

These friends in a boat off the coast of Florida obviously echo that sentiment because, as this video shows, they go absolutely apesh*t when they try to reel in this giant shark.

Here’s the Facebook video of the action and their palpable, infectious excitement:

If you’re looking for a highlight of the video, it has to be when the shark jumps out of the water and everyone goes ballistic. But at just a minute long, the whole video is certainly worth your time.

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