Chael Sonnen Drops a Sick Burn on Tito Ortiz During Bellator Press Conference (Video)

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We all know that pre-fight press conferences can get very ugly, and it would seem that Chael Sonnen took the art of trash talking to a new level with a burn dropped on opponent Tito Ortiz during the presser for their Bellator fight this weekend.

Check it out:

Tito Ortiz used to be married to Jenna Jameson, the biggest porn star in a generation. Chael was quick to remind everyone of that fact with this fun line:

“Tito always says I’m using my mouth to get my opportunities. The only person that I know that made money using their mouth is his ex-wife.”

Ortiz was reportedly “visibly upset” by the remark for a few minutes and came back to Chael by saying, “Just to correct you, there was never no marriage. You’re a f*cking punk, dude. That’s what you call class, right here, compared to no class.”

Hmm. I think Chael got the better insult in.

Then, of course, Jenna Jameson chimed in with her two cents:

She later posted to say she wasn’t upset by the comments made.

The two square off on Saturday in what’s promised to be Ortiz’s final fight before retiring for good.

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