WTF: Wizards Assistant Coach Steps Onto Court to Help His Team Play D on Final Play vs. Knicks (Video)

wizards assistant coach sidney lowe on court during final play vs knicks courtney lee

Trailing the Wizards 113-110 with 13.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Knicks needed a three-pointer to send the game to overtime. So when Carmelo Anthony dished the ball to a wide open Courtney Lee in the corner, everyone assumed he’d take the shot.

Lee did not take the shot, though. And the reason why is pretty insane.

After the game, Lee explained that he saw Wizards forward Kelly Oubre in front of him, but also heard somebody yelling “I’m right here, I’m right here,” which led him to believe another Wizards defender was closing in on him. However, there was no other Wizards defender near him. It was actually Wizards assistant coach Sidney Lowe, who had stepped right out onto the court.

Here’s a look at the final play. You cannot tell if Lowe is saying the things Lee says he heard, but Lowe is definitely on the court:

Here is Lee explaining what happened to members of the media after the game:

You can expect a heft fine for Sidney Lowe, regardless of whether the league is able to prove he intentionally tried to fool Courtney Lee.

As for Lee, he now has a plan for the next time somebody pulls something like this.

“If you just run into the coach if he’s on the floor, it’s a technical foul,” he told reporters. “I’ll make sure to glance over and do that next time.”

Hat Tip – [NY Daily News]

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