Former Eagles’ Lenwood Hamilton Suing Microsoft Over Alleged Use of His Face in Video Game

Former Philadelphia Eagles player-turned-pro wrestler Lenwood Hamilton stated one of his friend’s was simply showing him a game called ‘Gears of War’ when he realized the main character, Cole Train, was actually him.

TMZ has the details:

“So, Hamilton did what any red-blooded American would do … sued. According to the docs … the physical appearances are almost identical, “Cole Train” is the only black character, they both wear derby hats, wrist bands and have a front gold tooth.

Hamilton goes on … he believes they somehow imitated his voice and implanted it in “Cole Train.” In fact, Hamilton says he hired a forensic voice examiner to compare his voice to CT, and they’re indistinguishable.

It gets even weirder … Hamilton is also suing Lester Speight, aka Terry Tate: Office Linebacker from vintage Reebok commercials, who’s credited with the voice-over and portrayal of “Cole Train.”

Hamilton says Speight used to work with his wrestling company and they talked about creating a video game character. Translation: Speight stole his idea and passed it off to the makers of “Gears of War.”

Hamilton is suing for sales and profits, and that’s a lot. The game’s been super successful since 2006.”

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