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Report Says Yordano Ventura Was Found Alive But Robbed Instead of Helped

by: Black Adam Schefter On  Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers

On Sunday, the sports world was shocked to find out that 25-year-old Kansas City Royals pitcher, Yordano Ventura, was pronounced dead after a fatal car accident in the Dominican Republic.

While there was no sign of alcohol, Ventura was not wearing his seat belt during the accident. Unfortunately, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

According to a report from ensegundos.dos, Ventura was found alive after the wreck but instead of being helped, he was robbed of his belongings, including his Kansas City Royals World Series ring.

Here are three separate instances when the mention the robbery:


Informa el periodista Euri Cabral que el pelotero Yordano Ventura fue encontrado con vida, pero que varias personas le asaltaron en lugar de ayudarle, esto tras sufrir el accidente mortal en el kilómetro 14 de la carretera Juan Adrián.”


Advises the journalist Euri Cabral Yordano Ventura baseball player was found alive, but that several people assaulted him instead of helping him, this after suffering the deadly accident at kilometer 14 of the road Juan Adrian.

De acuerdo a las informaciones que obtuvo el integrante de El Sol de la Mañana( Zol 106.5 FM), a Yordano le despojaron del anillo de campeón que obtuvo con los Reales de Kansas y otras pertenencias.


“According to information which Member of the Sun in the morning (Zol 106.5 FM), was awarded to beautiful they stripped him of the championship ring that obtained with the real of Kansas and other belongings”


Cabral lamentó que en circunstancias como estas la ciudadanía no asista al prójimo y que la sociedad dominicana debe cambiar, que estas son de las cosas que no nos permiten avanzar como nación.


Cabral said that in these circumstances the citizenship do not attend the neighbor and that Dominican society must change, that these are things that do not allow us to move forward as a nation.