Pittsburgh Steelers Are Worried Antonio Brown’s Putting Stats Over Team’s Success


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We all know that, of all the positions in the NFL, wide receivers tend to be the most…high maintenance. They make the big, flashy plays. They are more prone to rivalries and skirmishes with defensive backs. But most importantly, they don’t get to pick when they get thrown to, so they can sometime act like babies if they’re not getting their targets.

The feeling in Pittsburgh is that Antonio Brown might be focusing more on his personal glory and stats than the welfare of the team. This comes two days after his team’s loss to the Pats in the AFC Championship.

When DeAngelo Williams scored the first touchdown of the AFC Championship, Brown was visibly pouting on the sidelines while his teammates celebrated.

Not a good look. Apparently Ben Roethlisberger had to go over and talk with his disgruntled wideout one the sideline when he should have been focusing game-planning for his offense’s next drive.

Hopefully Brown will take the next few months to get his head straight, and this will all be a forgotten story once the 2017 NFL season begins.

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