Chael Sonnen Caps Off Bad Week By Getting Fired From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ for Cheating (Video)

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Not only did Chael Sonnen get his butt handed to him on Saturday in Los Angeles by 41-year-old Tito Ortiz in a Bellator match, but now he’s gotten the boot from a reality TV show as well. The New Celebrity Apprentice said goodbye to Sonnen last night, excusing the MMA fighter because of a truly, spectacularly dumb stunt.

Every challenge on The Apprentice has a time limit. That time limit can be extended by 10 minutes if a team faces technical difficulties. Well, to get more time, Sonnen created his team’s own “technical difficulties” by cutting a power cord with scissors.

Arnie wasn’t having it and it looks like Sonnen suffered two professional setbacks already this year.


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