Kevin Hart’s Reaction to DeAndre Jordan Free Throw Airballs Pretty Much Says It All (Video)

kevin hart reacts to deandre jordan free throw airball

Over the years Los Angeles Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan has developed a reputation as one of the NBA’s worst free throw shooters. However, this year he’s actually improved his free throw game. Through 47 games Jordan’s free throw percentage is an almost-respectable .514 , which is significantly better than his .430 career average.

You wouldn’t have known Jordan has improved from his performance last night in Philly, though. The guy went 4-for-12 from the charity stripe in the Clippers’ 121-110 loss to the 76ers, including a pair of airballs late in the third quarter.

Yes, you read that right. DeAndre Jordan shot not one but two airballs from the free throw line in a span of 26 seconds.

Sixers fans in attendance thought it was hilarious. That includes Philly native Kevin Hart, who happened to be sitting courtside and could be seen wincing after Jordan’s first airball.

Take a look:

Here’s a look at Jordan’s second airball. We don’t have Kevin Hart’s reaction to this one, but we can only assume it was rather amusing.

You certainly can’t blame DeAndre Jordan for the Clippers’ loss. He was fouled two more times after that second airball, and he went 2-for-4 from the line. Meanwhile, his team went from up one to down 11 during that same span.

That said, making a few more free throws certainly wouldn’t have hurt.

Hat Tip – [Ball Is Life]

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