This Steelers Fan Hates Tom Brady More Than Anyone Else Hates Tom Brady (Video)


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Tom Brady is one of the most widely reviled players in NFL history, mostly because he’s the face of the New England Patriots, the most hated team in football. Also, Brady might cheat a little sometimes, but let’s not dive into that whole thing, shall we?

On Sunday afternoon, Brady certainly seemed to have a whole new contingent of haters as the Pats took on the Steelers.

The Pats won handily, which is no big surprise, but a decisive loss didn’t keep this Steelers superfan from really tearing Tom a new one:

Oh, man! This guy is super-obnoxious. What’s worse is he’s not entirely wrong. I think most of what he said is probably pretty true, but with that voice and attitude, who’s gonna listen?

Well, his buddies are, but that’s only because they’re winding him up for comedic effect. And it’s working.

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