Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. Catches Ball Dropped From a VERY High Drone (Video)

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As we all know, the entirety of the Pro Bowl, including the skills competitions, are about as much fun as sitting in a doctor’s office. The players don’t care, there’s no exertion due to fear of injury, and everyone’s attention is focused on the bigger, more meaningful game that takes place a week later.

That said, it’s REALLY hard not to like this new skills challenge that involves simply dropping a ball from a drone that’s 200 yards in the sky and seeing if the players can catch it.

I’m not sure exactly how fast the ball is going, but I know that it takes about 400 yards for a football to reach terminal velocity, meaning this thing is coming down from the sky at a speed of at least 40 MPH.

As this video shows, it’s not easy to get a beat on, even for Odell Beckham Jr:

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The big event happens Thursday night, so you might want to tune it.

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