Patriots Owner Robert Kraft BETRAYS Fans, Hangs Out with Roger Goodell, Doesn’t Punch Him in Face (Pic + Video)

deflategate update roger goodell hugging robert kraft

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is the most hated man in New England. It used to be Derek Jeter. Then it was A-Rod. Now, since Goodell fined the beloved Patriots and suspended Tom Brady over that whole deflategate thing, he is public enemy number one.

That being the case, if you have any friends who are Pats fans—and if you enjoy trolling them—you might want to show them this. Roger Goodell and Pats owner Robert Kraft were spotted together in New York this week, and they were not engaged in old-timey fisticuffs, or even a heated argument. According to TMZ, the two were spotted coming out of Rockafeller Center around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday—escorted by a private security detail, obviously—and they were just yukking it up like best buds.

Okay, maybe they weren’t yukking it up. But they were very friendly. Take a look:

roger goodell and robert kraft

Terrible, right?

Well, it gets worse, Pats fans. Earlier in the day Goodell called in to the Colin Cowherd radio show and said he and Kraft “have a healthy respect for one another.”

Listen for yourself. The “healthy respect” part starts around 1:45:

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Honestly, if I didn’t know any better I’d say that Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell don’t take any of this deflategate sh*t half as seriously as fans do. Weird, right?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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