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Atlanta Gas Station Won’t Be Selling Sam Adams Beer Until After the Super Bowl (Tweet)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, January 27, 2017
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One of the only fun things about this dead week before the Super Bowl is the reaction that local businesses have to their teams appearing in the big game. Now, New England’s in the Super Bowl pretty much every year, so this is nothing special to them. But Atlanta?

They’re pretty fired up. So fired up that one gas station in the area is refusing to carry Sam Adams beer, brewed out of Boston, until after the big game. This is pretty awesome because anything done in protest of Boston sports dominance is great, and because I don’t think I’ve seen a person drink a Sam Adams beer in about 15 years, and I doubt it’s a local favorite in Georgia.

But I still like their moxie:

Sam Adams, not willing to let this free publicity slip away, has responded:

Then they dropped a small dig (I think) on the fact that Atlanta’s homebrew doesn’t even contain alcohol:

Game on.