The Pro Bowl Skills Competition Was Way More Entertaining than the Actual Game Will Be (Videos)

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The NFL has been trying to figure out a way to make the Pro Bowl not suck for years now. In 2014 they moved away from the AFC-NFC format and had honorary captains pick players, but that made the game even worse. So this summer they decided to go back to the AFC-NFC format and made two other key changes. First, they moved the game from Hawaii to Orlando—a move players didn’t like, but one which is ultimately better for fans. Second, they introduced a revamped Pro Bowl skills competition.

We won’t know if the actual game is any good until Sunday. However, the skills competition was on Thursday, and it was actually pretty fun.

Players took part in five different challenges: Best Hands, Power Relay, Precision Passing, Drone Drop, and Dodgeball. The first three of those weren’t all that exciting, but the last two were great.

In Drone Drop, a drone dropped a football to a height of 125 feet, or about 10 stories, and players had to catch it. And while that sounds kinda boring, it was actually pretty entertaining.

Take a look:


The highlight of the skills competition was dodgeball, though. Players got really into it.

Here’s some great point-of-view footage shot with a GoPro strapped to Arizona Cardinals defensive back Patrick Patterson:

Here’s a GIF of Alex Smith totally sucking (bottom right):

And here is Ezekiel Elliott going wild when the NFC pulled off the victory:


Makes you wonder how Elliott would have reacted had the Cowboys pulled off a victory against the Packers.

All in all the Pro Bowl Skills Competition was pretty great. The NFL should just cancel the actual game and expand on this idea—more events, more money, maybe get fans involved somehow. But that’s just me.

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