Utah Judge Rules Michael Jordan Pushed Off on Bryon Russell in 1998 NBA Finals

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It was the most legendary shot to end a career in NBA history…until he came back and played for the Washington Wizards.  But that’s neither here nor there.

The scene was the 1998 NBA Finals. Michael Jordan dribbles to his right, just inside the three-point arc, then crosses back to his left. Bryon Russell’s ankles go one way and his body another. Jordan steps back, squares up, and drills a jumper.

Game. Blouses.

Fans in Utah have been salty about that shot for years.  And they still are, as they are convinced that Jordan pushed off against Russell.

Last week, Supreme Court Chief Justice Matthew Durrant decided to do something about all that saltiness and made a “ruling” on it during a legislative session.

“I know that some argue he did not push off; most of them live in Chicago,” Durrant said, according to Lee Davidson of the Salt Lake Tribune. “But after much consideration, I am now prepared to rule. He pushed off. And if you think I don’t have the power to decide that, you haven’t read the Utah Constitution.”

Not even a ruling will change what happened almost 20 years ago.

Hold this L, Utah. Again.

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