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This Full-Contact Football League Has No Pads or Helmets, And It’s INSANE (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, January 30, 2017
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For as long as people have been discussing the fallout of CTE, suggestions have been made that the game would be safer without pads. It’s an interesting standpoint, but hard to put your full faith in.

However, one league seems to be giving it a shot. Lacking pads or helmets, the American 7s league features full-contact nonetheless. I could describe the action to you, or you could just see it yourself:

They certainly didn’t pay a lot for music on that video, did they?

The AFL7 co-founder, Sean Korkusuz, says that while appearances can be deceiving, he believes it is safer than the NFL:

“We see the A7FL as the future of football. We’re pushing it as hard as we can for safety, morality, and promoting football internationally. There’s an ongoing CTE epidemic. We feel our format is the sport that will pick up internationally—seven-on-seven is an international format, easier to play, no equipment cost.”

Hopefully, this little experiment lasts long enough that we can see if there is any evidence that would cause us to re-think the way the NFL’s doing things.