Magic Johnson Has A Strong Message For ‘Dictator’ Donald Trump: ‘We’ve Never Had a President Like That’ (Video)

magic johnson anderson cooper interview

Every sports figure, from Gregg Popovich to Steve Kerr to Magic Johnson, is speaking out against President Donald Trump and his recent travel ban—which was put into place last week, barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country for 90 days.

TMZ caught up with Magic and he had a strong message for ‘dictator’ Donald Trump to bring people together rather then separate us.

It’s wrong to discriminate against people. And we have a lot of great Muslim brothers and sisters who are here doing a wonderful job of being great Americans. And then, you know, also, too, it’s not just them. [He] wants to send Latinos back home and build a wall to keep people out. It’s just not who we are as Americans, you know?

Our brothers and sisters who are Muslim or who are Latino and even, you know, a lot of times not taking us as African-Americans serious as well. It’s not a good time. Mistreating women. It’s just not a good time. He’s gotta learn you can’t just be a dictator. We’ve never had a president like that. We’ve always had a president who brought the country together and brought all people together.

That’s what we need today, right now, and we’re not getting that.

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