Snoop Dogg Kicked Off NHL All-Star Skills Competition with Explicit Version of “Next Episode” (Videos)

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Image via Getty

Rap legend and noted sports nut Snoop Dogg served as DJ for the NHL All-Star Skills Competition in Los Angeles over the weekend. Unfortunately, either nobody told him to keep the music family friendly, or Snoop just didn’t give a fizzle, because he kicked things off with the uncensored version of his iconic “Next Episode.”

If you’re not familiar with the lyrics for “Next Episode,” they contain six f-bombs, eight n-bombs, three s-bombs, and a lot of talk about smoking week.

Snoop only played the first 30 seconds of the song at the Stables Center on Saturday, but as far as NBC Sports producers were concerned it was about 30 seconds too much.

Take a look:

If anybody at NBC or the NHL mentioned the explicit lyrics to Snoop, it certainly didn’t ruin his night. Here he is posing for a photo with Penguins legend Mario Lemieux:

Super Mario

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And here he is gushing over a pretty amazing autograph from The Great One himself, Wayne Gretzky:

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It’s good to be the Dogfather.

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