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Matt Damon Invades ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Disguised as Tom Brady (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, February 7, 2017
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As you could imagine after the Patriots’ historic win, Tom Brady is in pretty high demand these days on the talk show circuit. So the fact that Jimmy Kimmel was able to pull the superstar QB for an interview and an appearance was a pretty big “get.”

Here’s the video. I don’t want to ruin the other surprise…so watch:

Yup. Tom Brady. Only….Tom Brady happened to be another superstar in a different field, Matt Damon.

The long-running joke between the late-night host and the actor is that he’s been bumped for time, but this time around, Damon was able to make it in. All he had to do was dress like the world’s greatest athlete (at the moment) before getting tossed out by security.