Detroit Lions GM Thinks Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon Should Have Been Invited to NFL Combine (Video)

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Back in July of 2014, Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon punched a woman in a restaurant, breaking bones in her face which required surgery and hospitalization. For that reason, the NFL did not invite Mixon to the 2017 NFL Combine.

Most people seem to think the NFL’s decision not to invite Mixon is pretty reasonable. But not Lions general manager Bob Quinn. On Wednesday Quinn called the NFL’s decision “disappointing” and “really unfair” while speaking to reporters in Indianapolis.

“We’re going to leave the door open on Joe,” Quinn said when asked if Mixon was still on Detroit’s draft board. “I think it’s really disappointing that Joe’s not here. We come here to see the best college football players in college football. So there’s 330, 340-some odd players here. Him not being here, because of those issues, personally I don’t think that’s real fair because we have a lot of investigation that we want to do on him and to get him in one spot for all the teams would have been great.

“I’m not part of those decisions about how guys are chosen but I think it is a disappointment that guys like him, there’s a few others you can put in that category, that we’re going to be chasing around the month of March and April and it’s really unfair to the players to be honest with you. So the door is open and I’d like to be able to get a chance to sit down with the people that know Joe or Joe and see what the circumstances were around the incident.”

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Quinn later added that the Lions would need to have a “long conversation” with Mixon before drafting him, presumably to assess how likely he is to go around punching random strangers in the future.

Of course, disagreeing with the NFL’s decision not to invite Mixon to the combine is one thing. Calling it “unfair to the player” is another. In fact, calling it unfair is patently ridiculous.

The NFL’s decision not to invite Mixon wasn’t arbitrary. The guy punched a woman in the head and she crashed face-first into a table. Yes, she pushed and slapped Mixon first. But she did not pose a serious threat to him, and Mixon had followed her into the restaurant after allegedly harassing her friend outside.

Take a look at the video:

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Yeah, Bob Quinn. TOTALLY unfair. Can’t imagine why the league wouldn’t want this guy.

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