Guy on Reddit Says He Schooled Tony Romo In Basketball & Has Video Proof (Video)

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Before he became the starter of the Dallas Cowboys, before he threw late game interceptions, and before he got injured for the last time and lost his job forever, QB Tony Romo was a high school basketball star in Burlington, Wis.

Romo was an all state player his senior year and he averaged about 24.5 points a game, but one particular game stood out as one guy got the better of him.

A guy with the screen name Funkydisco took to Reddit to confirm that he was indeed the guy in a 20-year-old video that hit a game winning shot over Romo in high school.


He then provided video evidence about an hour later:

Franklin High School (WI) beats Burlington and Tony Romo (#35) for their third and final win of the season.

I’m sure you can spot Romo in this picture:


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