P.K. Subban Brought to Tears by Emotional Tribute and Two-Minute Standing Ovation in Return to Montreal (Video)

P.K. Subban tears Montreal tribute

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In most NHL markets P.K. Subban would be untradeable. His immense talent, combined with his genial personality and commitment to charitable endeavors, make him the perfect face of almost any franchise.

Unfortunately, Montreal is not most markets, and the Canadiens are not any franchise. While the citizens of the most hockey-crazy city on the planet loved Subban, he never quite fit in with the entrenched Habs culture. His personality was just a little too big, his style of play just a little too difficult to fit into the system.

For that reason, last summer the Canadiens made a trade that only the Canadiens could make. P.K. Subban for Shea Weber, a 27-year-old Norris Trophy defensemen with six years and $58 million left on his contract for a 31-year-old Norris Trophy defensemen with 10 years and $54 million left on his contract.

Time will tell if the Habs made the right choice. For now, it’s clear that Montreal fans’ love for Subban has not waned.

On Thursday, Subban returned to the Bell Centre in Montreal for the first time since the trade. The franchise welcomed him with this amazing tribute video:

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Then Montreal Canadiens fans brought Subban to tears with a rousing ovation that lasted a minute-and-a-half:

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That’s a moment P.K. Subban will remember for the rest of his life.

Only in Montreal.

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