Former NBA Player Royce White Goes OFF on the League: ‘F-ck The NBA. F-ck The Money’

2012 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

The career of 2012 Houston Rockets 1st-round pick Royce White didn’t pan out the way he may have hoped.  He only played in a total of 3 games, as off-the-court issues ultimately defined his short-lived career.

In December of 2016, White signed with the London Lightning of the Canadian basketball league and found some time recently to absolutely rip on the NBA.

Via LF Press:

“F— the NBA, f — the money,” White said. “They want to go to perpetuate the idea that the (team) owners own the game and that money and profit are the pinnacle, or that position of power is the pinnacle.

“But you can’t escape the human condition with money. My generation knows that.

“They (the NBA) should regret the route they took. Regret is deep and it doesn’t have to be acknowledged to have it. Even if David Stern (former NBA commissioner) won’t come out publicly and say we regret the route we took, you have to sleep with yourself at night. Everything isn’t about the front of the podium or the interview or draft night. You have to sleep with yourself.”

White had a very public battle with the Houston Rockets—about them not dealing with his mental issues the way he would have liked them to, which caused him to miss the entire 2012-2013 season

“I was made to look weak, intentionally,” White said of the NBA. “People resonate with vulnerability, but we still don’t exhibit great compassion for vulnerability.

“When people see other people be vulnerable, they are more likely to attack that person. That’s what bullying is.

“As a global brand, the NBA knows the power of marketing. They knew if they labelled me a troublemaker and a kid who couldn’t fly, people would latch onto it. It would be easy to retain that Royce is too weak to play in our league. It was 100 per cent intentional and done at the highest tables in the league.

“Not only because I took them on, but because I had an advantage point. Mental health and human welfare is on the other end of the scale to what their business is fundamentally built on, and that’s human exploitation.

“You think they were going to give me $200 million and let me use that money or that notoriety to push the human welfare initiative? You think they were going to let me gain such a market value that now (athletic wear-maker) Nike comes and they sign me to a 10-year, $200-million deal like they are doing to these other guys?”

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