WWE Star Seth Rollins Goes OFF on Crazy Fans: ‘Stop Stalking Me at Airports. It’s Not Okay’

Seth Rollins Rips Johnny Manziel

Anybody that is famous eventually gets used to fans bombarding them with request for pictures and autographs, it comes with the job of being a mega celebrity, semi-celebrity, or just going through your 15 minutes of fame.

WWE star Seth Rollins doesn’t mind a picture or autograph, but when he’s being stalked at early hours of the morning by crazy fans, then it becomes a huge problem.

Rollins took to Twitter on Saturday to blast fans that stalk him at airports or outside his hotels, and the ones that stare at him constantly while he’s in the gym.

Back in 2015, he spoke about this very issue on traveling:

“I’m not mean to fans because I’m a bad guy. I’m mean to them because they’re rude. If they stalk me at the airport at 4 in the morning, don’t expect to get a picture. That’s not OK. They can’t hang outside my hotel or come to the gym and stare at me for a half hour and expect me to be like “Cool. Awesome.”

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