Conor McGregor Impersonator Crashes Floyd Mayweather’s Q&A (Video)

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Did you know that Conor McGregor was famous enough to have his own impersonators? I didn’t, but I do now, as one such man recently dropped by a Q&A for Floyd Mayweather to entertain the crown and the Money Man himself for a bit.

Of course, the real story here might be what the hell goes on at a Floyd Mayweather Q&A, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Let’s enjoy the comedic stylings of this dude, Al Faron, as he does McGregor and a pretty good DeNiro as well:

Mayweather’s loving it, and everyone knows his sense of humor is among the finest in the world. No word on whether we’re getting that big fight that everyone secretly knows we’re never gonna get.

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