Knicks Nix In-Game Music and Entertainment for First Half of Sunday’s Game Against Warriors (Video)

knicks nix in-game music

The New York Knicks made the strange and unexpected decision to go old school and cancel “game operations”—i.e., music and other in-game entertainment—for the first half of Sunday’s nationally televised game against the Warriors.

“The first half of today’s game will be presented without music, video, or in-game entertainment so you can experience the game in its purest form,” read a statement on the Madison Square Garden video board prior to the game. “Enjoy the sounds of the game.”

In theory this was an interesting experiment. However, it probably would have been better to try it out in the preseason, or at least against the Nets or Lakers. When you mess with the in-game atmosphere, you risk taking the home crowd out of the game. And that’s not something you want when you’re playing the best team in the league.

Of course, the Knicks aren’t exactly famous for their decision-making skills. So I guess we really shouldn’t be that surprised.

Take a look:

Players, and coaches on both teams found the lack of music in the first half pretty off-putting.

“You sort of take it for granted because every NBA game, you got all this stuff going on, music in the background,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “You don’t even think about it until it’s not there. It felt like church. It was very quiet. It is Sunday, after all. Maybe that’s why they chose it. It was strange. I kind of liked it better in the second half. It felt more normal with the music.”

Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis was more blunt.

“I didn’t like it,” he told reporters after the game.

The biggest complaints? Surprise, surprise, those from Draymond Green.

“You get so used to playing the game a certain way,” he said. “To completely change that…to me, I think it was disrespectful to everyone from Michael Levine to Rick Welts and all these people who’ve done these things to change the game from an entertainment perspective, and give the game a great vibe. That’s complete disrespect.

“You advance things in the world to make it better, you don’t go back to what was bad. It’s like, computers can do anything for us, this is like going back to paper. Why would you do that. It was ridiculous.”

Disrespectful? Settle down, Draymond.

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