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Mayweather’s Van Burned By Guys Upset Their GFs Left Them to Hang With Him in VIP

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Monday, March 6, 2017
Tags:  Floyd Mayweather  

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Retired boxer Floyd Maweather had the shock of a lifetime when one of his custom TMT vans was set ablaze while he was speaking to fans during a Q&A session inside the International Convention Centre in Birmingham.

The entire thing was apparently due to a bunch of women deciding to hang out with him in the VIP section, which seems harmless, but their boyfriends clearly had an issue with it. So they burned Mayweather’s van.

“A source told the Sun Online he had his own private VIP area of the club and sent out invites for a number of women inside to come and join him.

It is claimed a number of the women who accepted the American star’s offer were at the club with their boyfriends, who were left upset when they were turned away from joining their partners in the exclusive section.

Hours later, Mayweather’s luxury car was torched as it sat outside a hotel and a source revealed a number of the men turned away were part of a “local mob”.

“On Saturday a few of the girls who were asked to join him in the booth had boyfriends and the lads weren’t allowed in.

“The girls went to spend the evening with Mayweather anyway and as you can imagine their boyfriends weren’t happy about it.

“It turns out they were a local mob and the next thing they knew one car had been petrol bombed and the other had a brick thrown through the window.”

A source added: “It is pretty sad how all the girls were flocking to him. You could see them doing their make up and hair outside the VIP area and then outside his hotel.

“He took about 25 girls back there.””

..and this is how they left Mayweather’s van.